Your Teeth Dictate Your Dental Cleaning Options

Your Teeth Dictate Your Dental Cleaning Options

Did you know that the health of your teeth dictate the type of dental cleaning you receive? Yuppers. It starts like this…

You notice one day while doing your daily flossing (Daily? Insert laughter here) that you have some bleeding and maybe a one or two teeth are a little loose. You’re somewhat concerned because you are a grown adult who lost the baby teeth many moons ago. You head to the dentist for your biannual check-up and cleaning. They tell you that you have periodontitis. You insist this is impossible because you floss. Every. Single. Day. What your dentist knows is this…

Here’s the real issue — that periodontitis you have is completely and utterly preventable with proper dental hygiene. And when we say proper dental hygiene, it needs to be on point. Razor sharp point. And yes, completely preventable if you floss and brush daily.

Because your mouth is now hosting the party to end all parties for millions of bacterial colonies, the hygienist cannot do the deep cleaning your teeth would normally get. If he/she did, they would loosen the colonies which would find their way into your bloodstream causing even more harm. Periodontitis affects more than just your mouth, it affects your entire body. It has been linked to heart disease, COPD, diabetes, and inflammatory diseases. It also gives you some horrible bad breath!

If you have periodontitis, there is a regimen you have to follow to get the infection under control before any deep cleaning can take place. And you will be amazed how much better you feel when you get rid of those bacterial colonies out of your mouth. Most people are astounded by the changes in their overall health. As we have mentioned before, your mouth is more than just a gateway for nutrition (or the imbibing of the magical coffee bean), its health is an indicator of what’s going on in your whole body. If you have dental insurance, use it for your covered biannual cleanings to keep both your mouth and health in peak condition.