Holiday Dental Fun

Holiday Dental Fun

Christmas is the best time of the year
Packed stores, gifts galore, and tons of Christmas cheer!
Children can’t wait to meet Santa
Or try to espy his tiny eight reindeer.

But what do dentists wish at Christmas?
A puppy? A kitten? What about a hippopotamus?
Probably to be greeted with a smile
And not another grimace.

Maybe they want something practical like floss
Your dental insurance to pay cost
How about happy patients
Or a visit from Santa Claus?

How about giving you a bright smile?
Wishing you’d floss more than once in a while
Brushing for at least two minutes
And giving you a confident profile.

Do you wonder what’s on their wish list?
A good staff, cutting edge equipment, quality dental hygienists
A vacation or two in the sun
And to send to all of you a very Merry Christmas!