How to Help Your Child with Their Back-to-School Check-up

How to Help Your Child with Their Back-to-School Check-up

Can you believe it’s already August? Neither can we! But we do know that it’s time for you parents out there to start thinking about getting the kids ready to head back to school. A lot of you probably took advantage of tax-free weekend and picked up new clothes, shoes, backpacks, lunchboxes, and other school supplies on your “Back-to-School” checklists. However, most parents don’t have dental check-up on their lists. We know adding one more item can seem overwhelming, but here are a few tips to make your child’s dental visit a great experience.

Pick the Right Time
Kids are creatures of habit, especially younger kids that still nap. Make sure to schedule their appointment at the right time of day. If your child naps at ten in the morning, that wouldn’t be the right time. If your child is older and enjoying summer day camps, then try to schedule it a couple of hours after camp ends, so they have time to unwind and fuel up after a busy day of activity.

Feed the Wee Beasties
Hungry kids are hangry kids. They’re grumpy, mean, and genuinely not the best patient at that time. Making sure the kids have eaten at least 45-60 minutes before their appointment is a good idea. Feeding them in the waiting room? Not. A nice tip is to make sure the kids have brushed before they come in. The dentist will thank you!

Be Cool
If you have dental anxiety, your kids will pick up on that. Be positive in all your interactions and conversations with the dentist and about the dentist. Encourage your child to ask the dentist about procedures and have them explain it. This way, you are not passing on your own anxiety.

If your child is not cooperating, step back and let the dentist and his assistants handle the situation. Swooping in and taking the child out of the dental chair will cause a lot of repercussions as they get older as they will always have problems with check-ups. Let the dentist help your child through whatever is going on and turn the experience into a positive one.

Remember that dental health is a good indicator of overall health. Keeping your child’s teeth and mouth healthy and in great working order will help them be happier and healthier adults. Call your dentist now to book that back-to-school check-up.