Pumpkin Spice PSA: Stop the Madness!

Pumpkin Spice PSA: Stop the Madness!

As fall is finally here – though the temps and weather aren’t in agreement, at least here in southeast Texas – we wanted to discuss an epidemic that sweeps the country at this time of year. You’re probably thinking the flu? Or maybe the cold virus? No, it is much more serious than that. It is the “Pumpkin Everything” epidemic.

Hyperbole and a Half

Seriously, now. What happened to apples and cinnamon and cloves? Pumpkin just came out of nowhere and seemed to take over and now rules the autumnal season like Cersei grabbing the Iron Throne. How did we let this happen? Was it our love of coffee that led us down this orange colored road? And it is no longer just pumpkin spice lattes…no, no. Now everything is pumpkin flavored or pumpkin scented. From liquor to donuts to even Oreos. People, this has gotten out of hand and we need to stop pumpkin flavoring everything in sight!

You know this isn’t right…

Here’s the thing, Folks, the stuff you’re eating that says it is pumpkin flavored, most assuredly does not have pumpkin in it. So, please. Put down the Pumpkin Spice Latte and back away slowly. Stop the madness from spreading!

Please! Please stop the the madness!