Tips on Saving Money at the Dentist

Tips on Saving Money at the Dentist

Everyone wants to save money, especially at the dentist. You have dental insurance, but it seems like it just doesn’t cover much. What can you do to keep dental costs down? The following four tips can help you save money at your next visit.

#1 – Maintenance is the name of the game
Dental insurance rewards healthy mouths. This is the truth. You need to read exactly what is covered and what is not. Usually procedures and items like cleanings and x-rays are covered, but things like crowns, dentures, extractions, etc. are not. You may pay a part of the cost or all of it. So, in light of this, your best bet is to read over the very boring documentation and don’t skip check-ups!

#2 – Know which dentist is in and which is not
Staying “in-network” is probably one of the biggest cost savings there is. Why? Well, “in-network” dentists and your insurance company have agreements in place in regards to an itemized fee schedule. Covered services can see a reduction of 10-35% off regular fees when your dentist is “in-network.”[1]

#3 – Know your maximum
Dental insurance is not like health insurance where you meet your deductible and then procedures are covered except for the co-pay. When a dental company says maximum benefits, it is the total amount they will pay out on your behalf every year. When you receive your EOB (Explanation of Benefits) after each visit, take note of how much they have paid out. If an emergency procedure comes up, you will know how much you may have to pay out of pocket.

#4 – Plan treatments out
Dental treatments are not always on shot deals. They may require several visits (like crowns, bridges, implants) to complete. Planning out treatments to where the annual maximum benefit renews itself can help save you tons on out of pocket expenses. Remember, your annual maximum benefit does not carry over, so unused portions are wasted.

Saving money at the dentist requires a little effort on your part, but the reward is worth it. And always remember to brush and floss twice a day to keep dental disasters at bay.

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